Hostel Life – A to Z of Life@Hostel

Hostel-Life – A to Z of Life@Hostel prepares you for a hosteller’s life. It begins right from preparations required before joining a hostel and systematically touches upon how to search, settle and adjust to hostel-life — a subject hitherto untouched upon. This book is structured in such a way that each teenage-student hosteller will be able to correlate to the anecdotes and problems discussed. It covers the challenges a hosteller faces and provides easy solutions. Further, it guides the reader about the importance of setting an everyday routine and building up an all-round personality. The author who is also a doctor has discussed the routine ailments and first aid to equip hostellers for medical emergencies.

This book caters to teenage-student hostellers and also their parents as it would help them in understanding the complexity of teen-life. Written in a lucid language with ample examples from day-to-day situations, Hostel-Life is an easy read with a message to each student – ‘Never give up’.

About Author

Dr Surbhi Goyal is a general physician by profession. For nearly a decade she used to practice as a medical consultant and later was a counsellor to students at a premier coaching institute in Kota – the national capital in coaching. read more...